GREEN Burial Society™ of Illinois
                Simple ~ Meaningful ~ Natural
This firm makes available several “green” burial options

For such arrangements, formaldehyde-based embalming is prohibited as is the use of metal or concrete grave-liners, burial-vaults or other permanent burial containers.

Caskets, coffins or alternative containers used to enclose and transport the dead are made of bio-degradable materials and are available in a range of prices.

Home wakes, public visitations,
church funerals and graveside
services are options that may be
arranged within the time frame
green burial allows.

As with all of our service and merchandise offerings, detailed price information for each component is itemized on our General Price List and Casket Price List.

In addition to the ecological and emotional benefits, green burials can often be friendlier to the pocketbook.

What makes a natural burial different from a financial perspective is that the costs are better allocated, with money carrying on the legacy of the deceased by protecting green space instead of going towards the mark-up on expensive, unnecessary consumption.

                                                            In more ways than one, a natural
                                                            burial can be a much more personal
                                                            goodbye than we as a society might
                                                            be used to. Families often take part
                                                            in burying their dead or lowering
                                                            them into the grave. Nothing
                                                            throughout the process is considered
                                                            hands-off or unorthodox.

When a child is born it is lovingly cleansed from the unclean residue of the birth process and wrapped in a new clean blanket - ready to begin the journey in this world.

When a person has left their body at the end of this life, they too should be lovingly "cleansed" and the body purified for the transition out of this world.

This practice is very ancient and very holy no matter what your faith. For the environmentalist or the agnostic this is a practice devoid of unhealthy chemicals, glues,toxins or violating invasive procedures - which allows only organic matter into the earth, without metals or any synthetic fibers.

Natural Burial is an environmentally sound and spiritually connecting act of love for families, children , friends and their communities. It promotes healthy grieving, as well as being a meaningful and extremely moving experience in our lives - just as is the blessed birth of a newborn child.

Natural burial is simply a natural, beautiful expression of letting go - helping friends and family move from grief and darkness to celebration.

Our staff recognizes that preservation of our environment is extremely important and this commitment extends to every aspect of our lives, our recreation, our work and even our passing.